MOST-TECHNICS (MOST GROUP) is a group of companies united by a common idea, goal and development strategy. We are to achieve the level of business which will let us and our Partners fulfill our plans.


We started in 1993, in Yaroslavl. Company MOST used to be an official dealer of "AUTODIESEL". The main activity of the Company was delivering and doing after sales service of diesel engines and diesel-generator sets. Successful development and rapid increase of sales lead to the necessity of creating branch offices. Between 1995 and 1998 sub-companies were opened in Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Kursk, St. Petersburg. In 1999 the main office moved to Moscow for centralization and optimization of the business.

In 2003 we decided to develop a new trend in our business "Resource-saving technologies in Agricultural Sector of Russia". In 2004 we signed a long-term agreement on the exclusive distribution of the Austrian sowing and soil cultivating equipment "VOGEL&NOOT" in Russia.

We developed cooperation with other foreign manufacturers of agricultural equipment. In 2006 with VALTRA and ROTE. Then BUHLER VERSATILE and BOURGAULT (Canada), FENDT, FLIEGL (Germany), KUHN and GREGOIRE BESSON (France).

In 2007 first daugther Company was founded in Germany.

Successful agricultural business can't do without using innovative techniques, integrated approach when choosing equipment and resource-saving technologies. One of the most important things for us is not only to equipment but also to provide our Customers with professional technical support and after sales service. Thus, in 2006 we created a team of service engineers who got trained at study centers of VALTRA, FENDT, VOGEL&NOOT, FLIEGL, BOURGAULT, GREGOIRE BESSON and PRONAR.

Communal services of a modern big city need efficient, reliable and safe equipment. For the maintenance of roads, parks, industrial areas, shopping centers, airports and railway stations we offer VALTRA tractors with a wide range of attachments such as front loaders QUICKE, excavators JAKE, snow collecting equipment PRONAR, hydro cranes, drills, trenchers, buckets, lifting cradles, graders, scrapers, spreaders, mulchers, mowers, compactors, trailers. For road construction using alternative technologies we offer VALTRA tractors with cutters, mulchers, rotovators and compactors.

For peat industry we offer peat collecting equipment and VALTRA tractors from Finland. VALTRA tractor than any other tractor is best suited to perform the work in muddy terrain thanks to its unique technical data, the ration of power, weight and traction.


Today MOST GROUP offers a wide range of imported agricultural, municipal, forest and peat collecting equipment from the leading manufacturers with the best price / quality perfomance. This equipment is good to work with in Russian climatic conditions:

  • QUICKE (Sweden) - front loaders for wheel tractor from 25 to 400 h.p and implements for tractors (New Holland, Case, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Valtra, John Deere, Claas, Deutz Fahr, Same, Lamborgini, Landini, Lidner, Steyr, Zetor, Kubota, Izeki, Belarus), for telescopic, mini and backhoe loaders
  • VALTRA (Finland) - wheel tractors (74-400 h.p) with such attachments as front loaders, excavators, cranes, mowers and other municipal, peat collecting and forestry equipment
  • KUBOTA (Japan) - tractors and implements, loaders, mowers
  • DEGELMAN (Canada) - agricultural soil cultivating equipment, hoppers, rock pickers, telescopic loaders
  • PRONAR (Poland) - trailers, forage collecting equipment and municipal tractors equipment
  • BOURGAULT (Canada) - sowing and soil-cultivating equipment, hoppers, rock pickers
  • VOGEL&NOOT (Austria) - sowing and soil-cultivating machines
  • ICARBAZZOLI (Italy) - forest and municipal equipment 
  • PALMS (Estonia) - forest trailers and cranes
  • SISU POWER (Finland)- diesel engines, diesel-generator sets
  • JAKE (Finland) - excavators and cranes for tractors
  • NAARVA (Finland) - forest felling and harvester heads
  • RAYCO (USA) - self-propelled mulchers on trucks, shredders
  • VENTURA (Spain) - mulchers and wood cutters
  • MCCONNEL (England) - rotor and manipulator mowers and agricultural equipment
  • PEATMAX (Finland) - professional equipment for a peat industry
  • HYPRO (Sweden) - forest equipment for tractor

and others.

Thanks to our direct relations with manufacturers we can offer a great range of equipment with the best quality-price ratio.

Our advantages are competitive prices, flexible delivery terms, comfortable payment schemes, optimal transport rates, professional technical support and after sales service.

We understand the importance of quick and qualitative service, that's why we have a stock of original spare parts for tractors and combines, sowing and soil-cultivating equipment from VOGEL&NOOT, GREGOIRE BESSON, LEMKEN, KVERNELAND, KUHN, RABE, QUIVOGNE, NIEMEYER, OVERUM, POTTINGER, KRONE, FLIEGL, BOURGAULT, HATZENBICHLER, FLEXI-COIL, MORRIS.


Export is one of the most promising directions for the development of MOST GROUP business.
We sell the following Russian products:

  • Diesel/Benzine generating sets and generators ELECTROAGREGAT

We sell equipment, original spare parts and provide warranty 12 months.

For the convenience of our customers, we offer export deliveries of products by signing a contract with one of our partner companies located in various countries: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Andora, USA, Canada, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Vietnam.

All export prices of products with VAT 0%.




bld. 8, Promyshlennaya str., Malino vil., Moscow Region, 142850, Russia

Tel: +7 495 198 0175 / +7 985 773 7851 (En, Fr, Ru)

E-mail: info@most-technics.ru